Type hints

The pykka.typing module contains helpers to improve type hints.

Since Pykka 4.0, Pykka has complete type hints for the public API, tested using both Mypy and Pyright.

Due to the dynamic nature of ActorProxy objects, it is not possible to automatically type them correctly. This module contains helpers to manually create additional classes that correctly describe the type hints for the proxy objects. In cases where a proxy objects is used a lot, this might be worth the extra effort to increase development speed and catch bugs earlier.

Example usage:

from typing import cast

from pykka import ActorProxy, ThreadingActor
from pykka.typing import ActorMemberMixin, proxy_field, proxy_method

# 1) The actor class to be proxied is defined as usual:

class CircleActor(ThreadingActor):
    pi = 3.14

    def area(self, radius: float) -> float:
        return self.pi * radius**2

# 2) In addition, a proxy class is defined, which inherits from ActorMemberMixin
# to get the correct type hints for the actor methods:

class CircleProxy(ActorMemberMixin, ActorProxy[CircleActor]):

    # For each field on the proxy, a proxy_field is defined:
    pi = proxy_field(CircleActor.pi)

    # For each method on the proxy, a proxy_method is defined:
    area = proxy_method(CircleActor.area)

# 3) The actor is started like usual, and a proxy is created as usual, but the
# proxy is casted to the recently defined proxy class:
proxy = cast(CircleProxy, CircleActor.start().proxy())

# Now, the type hints for the proxy are correct:

# Revealed type is 'Callable[[], pykka.Future[None]]'

# Revealed type is 'pykka.Future[float]'

# Revealed type is 'Callable[[float], pykka.Future[float]]'

New in version 4.0.

pykka.typing.proxy_field(field: T) Future[T][source]

Type a field on an actor proxy.

New in version 4.0.

pykka.typing.proxy_method(field: Callable[Concatenate[Any, P], T]) Method[P, Future[T]][source]

Type a method on an actor proxy.

New in version 4.0.

class pykka.typing.ActorMemberMixin[source]

Mixin class for typing Actor methods which are accessible via proxy instances.

New in version 4.0.